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Best Vinyl High-Definition Super Collection (Update)
[Image: be4cw0.jpg]
Country of origin: Japan
Genre: Synth-popYear of release: 1981-1986
Audio codec: wavpack
Rip type: image+.cue
Recording Format: 32/192
Distribution format: 32/192
Availability of scans: 300/600 dpi, JPG
Size: 23.54 GB

Contains Releases:
1982 - The Beatles Original Mono Record
1963 - Please Please Me
1963 - With The Beatles
1964 - A Hard Day's Night
1964 - Beatles For Sale
1965 - Help!
1967 - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
1968 - The Beatles (2 LP)
1969 - Yellow Submarine

1986 - The Beatles Original Mono Record (It Was 20 Years Ago)
1965 - Rubber Soul
1966 - Revolver

[B]1982 - The Beatles Original Mono Record[/B]
1963 - Please Please Me
A1 I Saw Her Standing There
A2 Misery
A3 Anna (Go To Him)
A4 Chains
A5 Boys
A6 Ask Me Why
A7 Please Please Me
B1 Love Me Do
B2 P.S. I Love You
B3 Baby It's You
B4 Do You Want To Know A Secret
B5 A Taste Of Honey
B6 There's A Place
B7 Twist And Shout
1963 - With The Beatles
A1 It Won't Be Long
A2 All I've Got To Do
A3 All My Loving
A4 Don't Bother Me
A5 Little Child
A6 Till There Was You
A7 Please Mister Postman
B1 Roll Over Beethoven
B2 Hold Me Tight
B3 You Really Got A Hold On Me
B4 I Wanna Be Your Man
B5 Devil In Her Heart
B6 Not A Second Time
B7 Money
1964 - A Hard Day's Night
A1 A Hard Day's Night
A2 I Should Have Known Better
A3 If I Fell
A4 I'm Happy Just To Dance With You
A5 And I Love Her
A6 Tell Me Why
A7 Can't Buy Me Love
B1 Any Time At All
B2 I'll Cry Instead
B3 Things We Said Today
B4 When I Get Home
B5 You Can't Do That
B6 I'll Be Back
1964 - Beatles For Sale
A1 No Reply
A2 I'm A Loser
A3 Baby's In Black
A4 Rock And Roll Music
A5 I'll Follow The Sun
A6 Mr. Moonlight
A7 Kansas City
B1 Eight Days A Week
B2 Words Of Love
B3 Honey Don't
B4 Every Little Thing
B5 I Don't Want To Spoil The Party
B6 What You're Doing
B7 Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
1965 - Help!
A1 Help!
A2 The Night Before
A3 You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
A4 I Need You
A5 Another Girl
A6 You're Going To Lose That Girl
A7 Ticket To Ride
B1 Act Naturally
B2 It's Only Love
B3 You Like Me Too Much
B4 Tell Me What You See
B5 I've Just Seen A Face
B6 Yesterday
B7 Dizzy Miss Lizzy
1967 - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
A1 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
A2 With A Little Help From My Friends
A3 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
A4 Getting Better
A5 Fixing A Hole
A6 She's Leaving Home
A7 Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite
B1 Within You Without You
B2 When I'm Sixty-Four
B3 Lovely Rita
B4 Good Morning Good Morning
B5 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)
B6 A Day In The Life
1968 - The Beatles (2 LP)
A1 Back In The U.S.S.R.
A2 Dear Prudence
A3 Glass Onion
A4 Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
A5 Wild Honey Pie
A6 The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill
A7 While My Guitar Gently Weeps
A8 Happiness Is A Warm Gun
B1 Martha My Dear
B2 I'm So Tired
B3 Blackbird
B4 Piggies
B5 Rocky Raccoon
B6 Don't Pass Me By
B7 Why Don't We Do It In The Road
B8 I Will
B9 Julia
C1 Birthday
C2 Yer Blues
C3 Mother Nature's Son
C4 Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey
C5 Sexy Sadie
C6 Helter Skelter
C7 Long, Long, Long
D1 Revolution 1
D2 Honey Pie
D3 Savoy Truffle
D4 Cry Baby Cry
D5 Revolution 9
D6 Good Night
1969 - Yellow Submarine
A1 Yellow Submarine
A2 Only A Northern Song
A3 All Together Now
A4 Hey Bulldog
A5 It's All Too Much
A6 All You Need Is Love
B1 Pepperland
B2 Sea Of Time
B3 Sea Of Holes
B4 Sea Of Monsters
B5 March Of The Meanies
B6 Pepperland Laid Waste
B7 Yellow Submarine In Pepperland
[B]1986 - The Beatles Original Mono Record (It Was 20 Years Ago)[/B]
1965 - Rubber Soul
A1 Drive My Car
A2 Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
A3 You Won't See Me
A4 Nowhere Man
A5 Think For Yourself
A6 The Word
A7 Michelle
B1 What Goes On
B2 Girl
B3 I'm Looking Through You
B4 In My LIfe
B5 Wait
B6 If I Needed Someone
B7 Run For Your Life
1966 - Revolver
A1 Taxman
A2 Eleanor Rigby
A3 I'm Only Sleeping
A4 Love You To
A5 Here, There And Everywhere
A6 Yellow Submarine
A7 She Said She Said
B1 Good Day Sunshine
B2 And Your Bird Can Sing
B3 For No One
B4 Dr. Robert
B5 I Want To Tell You
B6 Got To Get You Into My Life
B7 Tomorrow Never Knows

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BeatlesJapan11LP32192.part01.rar (2.0 GB)
BeatlesJapan11LP32192.part02.rar (2.0 GB)
BeatlesJapan11LP32192.part03.rar (2.0 GB)
BeatlesJapan11LP32192.part04.rar (2.0 GB)
BeatlesJapan11LP32192.part05.rar (2.0 GB)
BeatlesJapan11LP32192.part06.rar (2.0 GB)
BeatlesJapan11LP32192.part07.rar (2.0 GB)
BeatlesJapan11LP32192.part08.rar (2.0 GB)
BeatlesJapan11LP32192.part09.rar (2.0 GB)
BeatlesJapan11LP32192.part10.rar (2.0 GB)
BeatlesJapan11LP32192.part11.rar (2.0 GB)
BeatlesJapan11LP32192.part12.rar (2.0 GB)
BeatlesJapan11LP32192.part13.rar (275.7 MB)
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BeatlesJapan11LP32192.part01.rar - 2.00 GB
BeatlesJapan11LP32192.part02.rar - 2.00 GB
BeatlesJapan11LP32192.part03.rar - 2.00 GB
BeatlesJapan11LP32192.part04.rar - 2.00 GB
BeatlesJapan11LP32192.part05.rar - 2.00 GB
BeatlesJapan11LP32192.part06.rar - 2.00 GB
BeatlesJapan11LP32192.part07.rar - 2.00 GB
BeatlesJapan11LP32192.part08.rar - 2.00 GB
BeatlesJapan11LP32192.part09.rar - 2.00 GB
BeatlesJapan11LP32192.part10.rar - 2.00 GB
BeatlesJapan11LP32192.part11.rar - 2.00 GB
BeatlesJapan11LP32192.part12.rar - 2.00 GB
BeatlesJapan11LP32192.part13.rar - 275.70 MB

[Image: mycollages2m7fy9.jpg]

Genre: Pop, Disco
Media: LP
Year of release: 1967-1987
Audio codec: FLAC
Rip type: image+.cue
Recording Format: 32/192
Distribution format: 32/192
Size: 20.25 GB

Contains Releases:

1967 - Bee Gees' 1st (RSO, MW 2069, Japan, Reissue 1973)

A1 Turn Of The Century 2:25
A2 Holiday 2:53
A3 Red Chair Fade Away 2:17
A4 One Minute Women 2:18
A5 In My Own Time 2:15
A6 Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You 3:38
A7 Craise Finton Kirk Royal Academy Of Arts 2:16
B1 New York Mining Disaster 1941 3:09
B2 Cucumber Castle 2:04
B3 To Love Somebody 3:00
B4 I Close My Eyes 2:22
B5 I Can't See Nobody 3:45
B6 Please Read Me 2:16
B7 Close Another Door 3:29

1969 - Odessa (RSO, MW 9061/2, Japan, Issue 1974)

A1 Odessa (City On The Black Sea) 7:29
A2 You'll Never See My Face Again 4:13
A3 Black Diamond 3:26
B1 Marley Purt Drive 4:22
B2 Edison 3:02
B3 Melody Fair 3:46
B4 Suddenly 2:27
B5 Whisper Whisper 3:23
C1 Lamplight 4:43
C2 Sound Of Love 3:25
C3 Give Your Best 3:25
C4 Seven Seas Symphony 4:08
C5 With All Nations (International Anthem) 1:45
D1 I Laugh In Your Face 4:06
D2 Never Say Never Again 3:25
D3 First Of May 2:47
D4 The British Opera 3:14

1971 - Trafalgar (Polydor, MP 2215, Japan)

A1 Trafalgar 3:50
A2 Don't Wanna Live Inside Myself 5:22
A3 When Do I 3:56
A4 Dearest 3:49
A5 Lion In Winter 3:49
A6 Walking Back To Waterloo 3:49
B1 How Can You Mend A Broken Heart 3:52
B2 Israel 3:42
B3 The Greatest Man In The World 4:15
B4 It's Just The Way 2:30
B5 Remembering 4:00
B6 Somebody Stop The Music 3:29

1976 - Children Of The World (RSO, MWF-1012, Japan)

A1 You Should Be Dancing 4:17
A2 You Stepped Into My Life 3:25
A3 Love So Right 3:37
A4 Lovers 3:35
A5 Can't Keep A Good Man Down 4:43
B1 Boogie Child 4:11
B2 Love Me 3:58
B3 Subway 4:23
B4 The Way It Was 3:18
B5 Children Of The World 3:07

1979 - Spirits Having Flown (RSO, MWF-1058, Japan)

A1 Tragedy 5:00
A2 Too Much Heaven 4:54
A3 Love You Inside Out 4:08
A4 Reaching Out 4:04
A5 Spirits (Having Flown) 5:17
B1 Search, Find 4:11
B2 Stop (Think Again) 6:37
B3 Living Together 4:18
B4 I'm Satisfied 3:53
B5 Until 2:25

1981 - Living Eyes (RSO, 28MW 0012, Japan)

A1 Living Eyes 4:16
A2 He's A Liar 4:00
A3 Paradise 4:18
A4 Don't Fall In Love With Me 4:12
A5 Soldiers 4:25
B1 I Still Love You 4:24
B2 Wildflower 4:23
B3 Nothing Could Be Good 4:09
B4 Cryin' Every Day 4:01
B5 Be Who You Are 6:38

1987 - E•S•P (Warner Bros. Records , P-13568, Japan)

A1 E-S-P 5:38
A2 You Win Again 4:02
A3 Live Or Die (Hold Me Like A Child) 4:41
A4 Giving Up The Ghost 4:26
A5 The Longest Night 5:46
B1 This Is Your Life 4:50
B2 Angela 4:55
B3 Overnight 4:20
B4 Crazy For Your Love 4:40
B5 Backtafunk 4:22
B6 E-S-P (Vocal Reprise) 0:34

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BeeGeesJapan8LP32192.part01.rar (2.0 GB)
BeeGeesJapan8LP32192.part02.rar (2.0 GB)
BeeGeesJapan8LP32192.part03.rar (2.0 GB)
BeeGeesJapan8LP32192.part04.rar (2.0 GB)
BeeGeesJapan8LP32192.part05.rar (2.0 GB)
BeeGeesJapan8LP32192.part06.rar (2.0 GB)
BeeGeesJapan8LP32192.part07.rar (2.0 GB)
BeeGeesJapan8LP32192.part08.rar (2.0 GB)
BeeGeesJapan8LP32192.part09.rar (2.0 GB)
BeeGeesJapan8LP32192.part10.rar (2.0 GB)
BeeGeesJapan8LP32192.part11.rar (891.0 MB)

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BeeGeesJapan8LP32192.part01.rar - 2.00 GB
BeeGeesJapan8LP32192.part02.rar - 2.00 GB
BeeGeesJapan8LP32192.part03.rar - 2.00 GB
BeeGeesJapan8LP32192.part04.rar - 2.00 GB
BeeGeesJapan8LP32192.part05.rar - 2.00 GB
BeeGeesJapan8LP32192.part06.rar - 2.00 GB
BeeGeesJapan8LP32192.part07.rar - 2.00 GB
BeeGeesJapan8LP32192.part08.rar - 2.00 GB
BeeGeesJapan8LP32192.part09.rar - 2.00 GB
BeeGeesJapan8LP32192.part10.rar - 2.00 GB
BeeGeesJapan8LP32192.part11.rar - 1.23 GB

[Image: mycollagesu6cyl.jpg]

Country of origin: Japan
Genre: Synth-pop
Year of release: 1981-1986
Audio codec: wavpack
Rip type: image+.cue
Recording Format: 32/192
Distribution format: 32/192
Availability of scans: 300/600 dpi, JPG
Size: 13.19 GB

Contains Releases:

1981 - Speak & Spell (Japan)
1982 - A Broken Frame (Japan)
1983 - Construction Time Again (Japan)
1984 - Some Great Reward (Japan)
1985 - The Singles 81-85 (Japan)
1986 - Black Celebration (Japan)


1981 - Speak & Spell (Japan)

A1 New Life
A2 Puppets
A3 Dreaming Of Me
A4 Boys Say Go!
A5 Nodisco
A6 What's Your Name?
B1 Photographic
B2 Tora! Tora! Tora!
B3 Big Muff
B4 Any Second Now (Voices)
B5 Just Can't Get Enough

1982 - A Broken Frame (Japan)

A1 Leave In Silence
A2 My Secret Garden
A3 Monument
A4 Nothing To Fear
A5 See You
B1 Satellite
B2 The Meaning Of Love
B3 Further Excerpts From: My Secret Garden
B4 A Photograph Of You
B5 Shouldn't Have Done That
B6 The Sun And The Rainfall

1983 - Construction Time Again (Japan)

A1 Love In Itself
A2 More Than A Party
A3 Pipeline
A4 Everything Counts
B1 Two Minute Warning
B2 Shame
B3 The Landscape Is Changing
B4 Told You So
B5 And Then...

1984 - Some Great Reward (Japan)

A1 Something To Do
A2 Lie To Me
A3 People Are People
A4 It Doesn't Matter
A5 Stories Of Old
B1 Somebody
B2 Master And Servant
B3 If You Want
B4 Blasphemous Rumours

1985 - The Singles 81-85 (Japan)

A1 Dreaming Of Me
A2 New Life
A3 Just Can't Get Enough
A4 See You
A5 Leave In Silence
A6 Get The Balance Right
A7 Everything Counts
B1 Love In Itself
B2 People Are People
B3 Master And Servant
B4 Blasphemous Rumours
B5 Shake The Disease
B6 It's Called A Heart

1986 - Black Celebration (Japan)

A1 Black Celebration
A2 Fly On The Windscreen - Final
A3 A Question Of Lust
A4 Sometimes
A5 It Doesn't Matter Two
B1 A Question Of Time
B2 Stripped
B3 Here Is The House
B4 World Full Of Nothing
B5 Dressed In Black
B6 New Dress

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DepecheModeJapan6LP32192.part1.rar (2.0 GB)
DepecheModeJapan6LP32192.part2.rar (2.0 GB)
DepecheModeJapan6LP32192.part3.rar (2.0 GB)
DepecheModeJapan6LP32192.part4.rar (2.0 GB)
DepecheModeJapan6LP32192.part5.rar (2.0 GB)
DepecheModeJapan6LP32192.part6.rar (2.0 GB)
DepecheModeJapan6LP32192.part7.rar (1.6 GB)

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DepecheModeJapan6LP32192.part1.rar - 2.00 GB
DepecheModeJapan6LP32192.part2.rar - 2.00 GB
DepecheModeJapan6LP32192.part3.rar - 2.00 GB
DepecheModeJapan6LP32192.part4.rar - 2.00 GB
DepecheModeJapan6LP32192.part5.rar - 2.00 GB
DepecheModeJapan6LP32192.part6.rar - 2.00 GB
DepecheModeJapan6LP32192.part7.rar - 1.59 GB
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