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[center][Image: c0cd6b713a2e80f9b22c69c75583fe0b.jpg]
Release Name: Ruindog-TENOKE
Size: 1.5 GB
Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Rama Studio
Publisher: BD Games[/center]

Release Description:
A long, long time ago, in a solar system not so far away, alien bugs invaded Earth, but they were soon beaten back home, and by the way, their home planet was blown up. After centuries of being invincible, it became popular for humans to watch live alien hunting shows, participate in alien hunts, save up money, equipment, and use the various loot they found to keep going to new maps and defeating more powerful enemies.

[Image: 8d8bf03bedb98978913b5acb0f10b31d.jpg]

9 common monsters
7 types of elite monsters
5 bosses with different mechanisms
Enemies will rush towards you from all directions in each level, so be careful, otherwise you will be torn to pieces in an instant..

4 optional characters
24 types of talent ability enhancements
26 weapons with different appearance attributes
26 core ability upgrades
8 composable super core synthesis liters
73 kinds of module props
12 kinds of artifacts and props
Each character has different growth routes and active skills. Make full use of these skills and choose the most suitable props for the current hero to achieve mission goals..

4 maps with different gameplay mechanisms
Each map has different mission objectives and combat mechanisms. Obtaining more resources and achieving various mission objectives can unlock different maps/difficulties, and even new map mechanisms.

[Image: 97dd477bc7c7ae0d56a44236e9adcaa3.jpg]

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