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The Stimulati Experience: 9 Skills for Getting Past Pain, Setbacks, and Trauma to ...
[Image: 234de3ae9f81ad2770e993d9d7364e80.jpg]
epub | 11.38 MB | English | | Author: Jim Curtis, Gabrielle Bernstein, Roger Wayne | Year: 2017

About ebook: The Stimulati Experience: 9 Skills for Getting Past Pain, Setbacks, and Trauma to Ignite Health and Happiness

Quote:For over twenty years, Jim Curtis has battled a mysterious chronic illness. He grew accustomed to living in pain, denial, and despair. But when traditional medical therapies didn't help, he sought answers elsewhere. He traveled the world and met a group of extraordinary people he calls The Stimulati-and what he learned from them ultimately changed his life.

In The Stimulati Experience, Jim outlines his own incredible journey, as well as his step-by-step program to overcome pain, setback, and struggle to transform your life into one filled with better health, freedom, joy, strength, and purpose. Whether you suffer from a chronic illness, anxiety, or depression, you'll learn how to achieve better health and an abundance of happiness. Featuring a motivational and inspiring foreword by New York Times bestselling author Gabrielle Bernstein, The Stimulati Experience distills Jim's unique nine-step program created from his own personal experience, The Stimulati themselves, and lessons he has learned from creating the world's leading digital health platforms.

Category:Self-Help & Relationships, Inspiration, Personal Growth, Affirmations & Inspiration, Success, Motivation & Self-Esteem


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